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Trane Forced Air Furnaces

You can depend on Enbridge Services and Trane to take care of your family’s heating needs.  Trane XR95 & XV95 furnaces are quiet and less costly to operate.  According to TRANE, they are so efficient that up to 96.7% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home *.

Trane XV95 furnaces

  • Up to 96.7% efficient *
  • Variable speed blower – quieter, eliminating noisy start ups and shut downs.  Provides a more even heat.*
  • Two Stage Heating – first stage runs at 65% of full capacity, running longer, but at an energy saving level, virtually eliminating wide temperature swings in your home.*
  • Vents directly outside – no chimney needed.
  • From $79.88/month

Trane XR95 furnaces

  • Up to 95% efficient *
  • Singe stage heating
  • Vents directly outside – no chimney needed
  • From $66.90/month

Trane XR80 chimney vented furnaces

  • Up to 80% efficient *
  • Singe stage blower
  • Vents directly into your chimney
  • From $51.31/month

Additional work that may be needed, such as additional hot or cold air runs are not included in the rental and are the responsibility of the homeowner.  Customer is responsible for changing furnace filters as needed.

As with all of our rental appliances, we will come to your home and evaluate the right system for you!  Just call us for a FREE evaluation!

*All manufacturer information and specifications are provided by the manufacturer.  Enbridge Services is not responsible in any way for the accuracy of this information.

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